How does a film make money in the 21st century? How has this changed in the past 20 years?


21st Century film audience has a lot of expectations from a film especially when they are committed to a particular production company, such as Marvel or Warner Bro’s. Moreover, most of the films in this era have a genre of either action or science fiction, for example, the Transformers series which is directed by Michael Bay who from worst became one of the best directors in the industry he is also known for his other high budget films such as Pain & addition, most of the films have a unique selling point (USP) which is mainly the actors that act in that film or the concept of the film. On the other hand, films can also make money as they could be a remake of a successful old film for example “Baywatch” which was recently been remade featuring Dwayne the ‘Rock’ Johnson in it who is a very popular and respected actor in the industry. Another factor that we can take into consideration is the power of social media and promotion of the film, actor usually launch trailers on social media which within minutes get almost a million views and becomes into a trending video. furthermore, many actors and directors go on a promoting spree for almost a month after they are done with shooting, as a result, they go to various cities and countries to promote their film, this way they reach out to the audience and get more attention towards their film. On the other hand, apart from the black and white films, a lot has changed over these years, as days pass by technology keeps on advancing from 2D to 3D from 3D to 4D and keeps on advancing by the day.



In my personal opinion, I feel like there has been a lot of changes over these years in films over the world. So to start off with the first change is the quality of the films gone are those black and white movie days, now most films come in HD addition in another few years, film cameras will be capable of recording in 4K resolution, which will be an extraordinary accomplishment in the film industry, as a result, it would make the film connect to the audience even better. Moreover, in these last 20 years mainly what has changed is the way that we audience’s view the film and the experience we have while watching it. Lastly, audience have spread across the world mainly in the Middle East and Africa



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